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Christina Marie Yoga is a boutique studio in the heart of Fairfield. I teach customized classes and private sessions in a comfortable home based studio.


My group classes are a small size in a comfortable setting.  Classes are customized based on what each student requests to work on that given day. Every day brings a new mix of students making each class unique.  Each class is tailored to the needs of the students in attendence while maintaining breath and body awareness as a focus.

(60 minute class)


An opportunity to do yoga with your little one while interacting with other moms (or dads). A class geared to give mom a good stretch while still keeping the little ones engaged, entertained and having fun.


A popular class with all age groups.


Please contact me for further information.

(45 minute class)



Privates are completely individual and customizable based on what you as a student specifially need or want to work on to deepen your practice.


Please contact me for further information.


What is a workshop? A workshop is an opportunity to explore certain poses or sequences a little deeper. They are typically smaller class sizes and they will be 2.5 hours in length. Combining theory and practice they are designed to answer student questions while getting individualized guidance. 


(all workshops will be $30 each or all three for $75)



Great yoga teacher Victoria BC. Excellent yoga class. Good yoga teacher. Fairfield. Fernwood.

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