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​“I love Christina's class! She is a great instructor who is always positive, supportive & clearly loves teaching! I have had a significant difference in reducing back pain, stress release, a feeling of calm & an overall better sense of well-being in the last year thanks to her!”

- Brenda F.


​“Simply great stuff! I have a blast learning yoga from Christina. She focuses on the individual and not just the stretches. Instructions simple to comprehend. Christina creates a very relaxing atmosphere for the mind and body. Great teacher!”

- Kenneth C.

"I always look forward to my Tuesday night yoga class with Christina. She completely changed my view of yoga. I come from a dance background, primarily ballet, and always felt when I did yoga my body wasn't being worked. And then I was introduced to Christina's practice (Raja) and my whole perception changed. Every week I feel new muscles being worked and I am challenged in new ways. It's a great feeling...It's my weekly 'escape'!" 

- Stephanie R.


"I started coming to Christina's yoga classes three years ago and it has been a healing journey. Her attention to practicing safely within your own limits, and the quality of her teaching is perfect for all different levels of ability. My background is gymnastics and dance and I have always been active and flexible. But, due to a difficult pregnancy with twins and some injuries it has been a long road to healing and restoring my body! Christina's yoga practice has enhanced my life for the better, balancing and nourishing my body and soul!"

-Katie H.



​“I have been going to Christina's yoga class for over a year. She is an amazing teacher. No matter how I feel entering the class I always feel better after. It's the perfect stress reliever. After doing a few hot yoga sessions I thought that yoga wasn't for me - until I tried her class. It's manageable for any skill level even if you have never done a day of yoga in your life. I really appreciate the fact that she is constantly incorporating new poses and trying new things to see what best fits the class. Thanks a million!”

- Greg M.


"I have been practicing yoga with Christina for two and a half years now. She has helped me to rebuild the muscles and strength in my knee from a previous injury, and in my abdominal area after surgery. She also has been very supportive in my general health and well being while trying to manage a busy work-life balance. Christina is extremely patient with all of her students, and takes the time to check in on each students personal needs. She puts a lot of care and attention into each class, being sure to select material based on student needs and requests. I thoroughly enjoy each class, and the personal attention to my practice really helps me to achieve my desired results. I find that each class has it's own flow and can range from calm, quiet, and meditative to a class where you can relax and even laugh a little. It is a very comfortable and happy environment." 

- Jo 


"Christina is a fantastic yoga teacher. She's knowledgeable, patient and has something to teach all levels- beginner to intermediate.  
I am grateful to have her as one of my yoga teachers." 

- Danielle B.

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