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What is a workshop? A workshop is an opportunity to explore certain poses or sequences a little deeper. They are typically smaller class sizes and they will be 2.5 hours in length. Combining theory and practice they are designed to answer student questions while getting individualized guidance. 


(all workshops are 2.5 hours in length and will be $30 each or all three for $75)


Please contact me to register or for more information.

Shoulder Stability

May 24th (9:30-12pm)

Work on strengthening the shoulders from the inside-out. By learning to stabilize these muscles, we can help prevent repetitive strain injuries, over compensation and overall it leads to a happy neck and upper back. Perfect for office workers or those who work with their arms overhead.

Core Strength

June 21st (9:30-12pm)

Much more than just looking good in a bathing suit. Learn how to strengthen the core muscles which leads to a stronger lower back.

Balance & Standing Poses

July 19th (9:30-12pm)

Back to the basics. Learning how to stand with proper alignment and then testing our balance on one foot.
Intro into the standing series (part one). A good workshop for engaging our core and helping us stay grounded.

Sun Salutation

August 23rd (9:30-12pm)

Deconstruction of our sun salutation.  We will break it down to look at the alignment of each specific pose as well as the possible modifications to make the series accessible to all students at any level.  This workshop will enable us to safetly flow through the poses. Great for circulation, building heat and grounding!

Hips & Hamstrings

September 20th (9:30-12pm)

We will look at what it means to have a neutral pelvis specifically when it comes to opening the hips and the hamstrings.  By learning what a neutral pelvis is, we learn to strengthen the pelvis as opposed to just using our flexibility in certain poses.  Also good for knee stabilizing as we will be strengthen the muscles that surround it.

Butter Yoga

October 18th (9:30-12pm)

Restorative yoga at it's finest!  The opportunity to go deeper with the use of bolsters as support.  If you have never experienced this, let me tell you it is about as relaxing as it gets! A chance to destress, stretch deeply and relax the muscles and the mind.  

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